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3 months ago
Daniel' 2nd Blacklist Appeal

Nothing in this appeal covers valid reasons that can influence a blacklist removal. Reasons like "I hate", or "I want to do..." are non-influencing terms that may jeopardize your blacklist appeal. You have also not given evidence and appear to have inflated your appeal. Here is what you can do to come closer to an approval

You can (but are not forced to), add these points:

 - Why you were blacklisted

 - A convincing reason why you shoud not be blacklisted

 - Evidence supporting your reason

 - Avoid inflation such as "I think," "I want to," "I feel," and repetition of words.


- Neptumium

4 months ago
7GrandDad's Staff Application

I'm sorry, but we'll have to deny your application for the following reasons:

 - Minimum age requirement is 13


Please contact us later when you have met the reqiurements.

5 months ago
DaniielM's Blacklist Appeal

I'm sorry, but after reviewing your appeal, you have not provided enough information for us to approve your blacklist appeal. You can edit your blacklist appeal to meet those requirements.