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5 months ago
ADEMYOUTUBER1995's Staff Application

hello my name is Adem

What's your IGN:ADEMYOUTUBER1963
Age (minimum of 13):15
Why do you want to be staff?: to help out the server
Which staff rank do you want to be?: Admin
How much will you abuse out of 10 (be honest):4
How long have you been on the server for before applying?: since v2
Were you banned, demoted or told to apply here? Answer these choices (we can check):no
What are you good with?:plugins little bit of building
Are you willing to help the server?:thats the hole reasen that i am applying
How long will you be playing on our server?:2 to 5 h zat en zunday or wensday
Will you be making videos of catching hackers for proof?: yes
Will you be making YouTube videos?yes