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Discord Rules
Started by OofPlayzz



09 Oct 2019

You should Join our discord! Here!

Before you get started, please review our rules, and follow them accordingly.


1. Spamming is not allowed under any circumstance.

2. Unessecary pinging of @everyone, @here, or other users is prohibited.

3. No advertising/self-promotion.

4. Trolling is okay as long as its not taken too far. Just keep it at a minimum.

5. Hate speech, hate symbols, and derogatory language is not allowed, however swearing is fine if it's not too vulgar. In special cases, such as memes or other imagery that uses such terms without offensive intent, this rule does not apply.

6. Respect other members of the server. No harassment, etc.

7. Please use common sense.

8. Try to avoid sensitive topics, as it can make a chat awkward and lower the mood.

9. Respect the staff team. We work really hard for you to have an enjoyable experience

10. No loud noises, screaming, voice changers, soundboards, etc. in voice channels.

11. Do not post suspicious links

12. Politics is not allowed, since it can cause heated arguments.

13. No promoting of hacking, or malicions/illegal activity.

14. Use the provided channels for their appropriate uses.

15. No evasion of bans, mutes, or other punishment.

16. No NSFW content.

17. No impersonation.

18. Profile pictures can't contain NSFW content.

Thanks for reading our rules!

GamersFreedom Developer and Head Admin
Contact: [email protected]
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